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Common Weak Spots in Workplace Safety

Is your work safety the best it could be? Sometimes companies focus too much on checking items off the lengthy work-safety requirements list and develop blind spots toward other potential problems right under their nose. Even the most conscientious business can develop a few bad habits over time, especially when it comes to construction-heavy and

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Common Signs That Your Crane or Hoist System Needs Repair

Every responsible business should have a detailed checklist and equipment review plan to make sure its equipment is operating efficiently and shows no signs of wear that could endanger workers. But whether you are on site during a project or in company-owned environment, workplaces are often busy, crowded, and short of time. To make things

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Hoist Decisions: Wire Vs. Chain

Two familiar but very different choices face the plant manager for a hoist in your plant: wire rope or chain. It’s a serious mistake to assume there’s little difference. They perform a similar function, but act in different ways and are designed for different types of load or materials. So if you’re looking to buy

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4 Important Reminders for Workplace Safety

Workplace safety should be the number one concern of employees and employers. Without safe working conditions, it’s only a matter of time before production halts, workers are hospitalized, and many other adverse events can damage lives and the company’s reputation. Without workplace safety, things simply fall apart in general. Most company policies have mission statements.

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5 Safety Tips for Overhead Hoists

Overhead hoists make moving heavy items a whole lot easier. However, statistics show that almost 20 people died last year as a result of accidents with overhead hoists. Safety should be your top priority with any type of heavy machinery. It becomes especially crucial when working with overhead hoists. The items being moved tend to

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4 Important Reasons for Regular Load Testing of Overhead Hoists & Cranes

1. Why Load Testing? Regular maintenance, including load testing, is not an optional choice when it comes to overhead cranes and hoists – it is mandatory.  Proper load testing reveals how much load can be handled before the equipment stops working properly or breaks.  This testing is important for: Learning what the performance bottlenecks and breaking points

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