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How Moye Handling Systems Consultants Keep Your Overhead Cranes and Hoists Safer

The most recent data available on crane-related accidents shows that 19 people in a year lost their lives on overhead cranes, and 14 of those deaths were due to falls. Furthermore, fall protection shows up twice in OSHA’s top ten list of construction safety violations. It’s clear that the dangers of working on overhead cranes require serious assessment by a trained specialist. Fortunately, site managers can call on the expertise of a team of people with exactly this special knowledge: the overhead crane specialists at Moye Handling Systems.

Specialized, up-to-date consulting for overhead cranes and hoists

Overhead Demag Crane
A Demag overhead crane and hoist project completed by Moye Handling Systems.

In addition to establishing a safe work environment, Moye’s experts also bring peace of mind to the site manager. Given the huge range of responsibilities the site manager has to juggle, it’s tough for them to stay up to date on every new safety standard as well. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) generates and maintains a specific safety code relating to fall protection (Z359 Code) and this code is periodically updated to reflect the latest research. Furthermore, OSHA recently announced that it now collaborates with the Crane Manufacturers of America and the Hoist Manufacturers Institute to provide a centralized storehouse of standards and safety training resources. The marketplace is constantly evolving as well, offering new types of safety systems and devices. Moye Handling Systems specialists are able to pay attention to every one of these new developments, approaches, and standards, and they bring their knowledge to your work site all in one professional package.

Assessment and inspection of your overhead cranes and hoists

The first thing our safety consultants do when they arrive at a site is to conduct a wide-ranging hazard assessment. Safety engineering is a huge field, and it includes the design and maintenance of the overhead hoist and crane. According to OSHA, fifty percent of all crane accidents are due to improper set-up of the equipment. Moye Handling Systems specialists evaluate the set-up and condition of all parts of the equipment, its foundation and clearances and overall traffic in the work areas. They will also check to make sure all indicators are in place for load moment, boom angle, mechanical level, and more.  OSHA requires not only daily inspection of cranes before use, but also a very thorough annual inspection of all components, with a certificate of inspection placed on the crane. Moye’s inspectors will also assist site managers with completing all the forms and procedures necessary to set up their own inspection program.

Moye’s specialists help prevent accidents in the larger New Jersey metropolitan area, including New York and other northeast regions. We also cover the midwest as well, providing extensive consulting and customized applications. Load tests are an important element of safety, and Moye Handling Systems provides certified load tests at very competitive rates.

Custom design of overhead cranes and hoists: safely and rapidly

Time is money in crane operation, and Moye Handling Systems consultants provide rapid design, installation and testing of equipment. Moye’s catalog offers a huge array of parts, with emergency delivery when needed. We specialize in creating custom hoist systems to fit your unique environment and material moving needs, and we are happy to come to your site ahead of time to provide a quote for your particular needs. There is no voice mail at Moye Handling Systems; if you have a problem, you can call us at any time of day or night and you’ll be in touch with an expert immediately. Our our crews are not only factory trained to meet all CMAA 78 standards, but they are available on an emergency 24-hour basis. Our depth of experience is your best bet for safety and fast service: we’ve been serving the needs of New Jersey and the northeast for over 40 years with equipment and consulting that meets the highest standards in the business.